Sir Toony's Face Painting

Sir Toony enjoys face painting. He is a professional face painter and can come to your event to do face painting. He started face painting his own face at Halloween and is now painting other people's faces for all occasions. He always uses makeup specifically designed for painting faces. He likes using face paints from SNAZAROO USA. NEVER allow your children to be painted with acrylic paints, tempera paints, colored markers meant for use on paper or any other product that was not specifically designed to be used and worn on the face.

Here are a few of the fun faces Sir Toony created:

Tiger face painting Cow face painting Rainbow tiger face painting Pokemon face painting Skull face painting Gargoyle face painting Tiger face painting Jester face painting black cat brown dog Dog dog mask pirate dragon mask panda Cow Snake Blue mask Tiger Green Monster Spider mask Skeleton Alien Patriotic Face Lizard Man Eater Tiger Zebra

Cheek Art

Sometimes, kids don't want a full face design. Sir Toony also does smaller cheek and arm designs.

skull and crossbones car Ying Yang dragon snake flower